The Succoth Project is a significant greenfield copper project, located 13km north-east of Nebo-Babel. The Succoth Deposit is a large, Inferred copper resources of 156mt @ 0.60% Cu, that could offer significant benefits to the West Musgrave Project by providing additional mineralisation to a future mining operation at Nebo-Babel. 

Succoth is a shallow-lying ore body with copper and PGE mineralisation situated just 30m below surface. Combined with multiple, wide mineralised zones, the deposit is amenable to bulk-tonnage open pit mining. 

Drilling conducted in 2015 confirming continuity of mineralisation over a 3km strike. Diamond hole CZD0007 targeted a large electromagnetic (EM) conductor and demonstrated continuous mineralisation down-plunge over 1,300m remaining open.

In 2015 Cassini engaged independent resource consultants CSA Global Pty Ltd (CSA Global) to provide a Mineral Resource estimate (MRE) for the Succoth deposit. The estimate incorporating results of historical drilling and data from the Company’s 2014 and 2015 field programs, together with extensive geological interpretation after re-logging more than 16,000 metres of diamond core drilled by previous owners BHP Billiton.

The Succoth maiden Inferred Mineral Resource totals 156Mt @ 0.60% Cu at a 0.3% Cu cut-off grade (Table 1). The Mineral Resource estimate completed in accordance with the guidelines of the JORC Code (2012 edition).

Table 1: Succoth Deposit Inferred Mineral Resource (0.3% Cu cut-off) – December 2015




Cu Metal























In February 2019, Cassini reported a new geological interpretation of the Succoth Deposit following completion of detailed infill drilling on a single geological section in the central part of the deposit. Works demonstrated that the Succoth Deposit has been ductile-deformed and metamorphically-recrystallised, in contrast to the younger Nebo-Babel mineralisation which is believed to be unmetamorphosed. 

The new interpretation has significant positive implications for potential resource increases and mining economics, although additional drilling is required to validate this new interpretation beyond a single section line. 

A further four diamond drill holes for 1,793m on two infill sections located 200m and 400m west of the first detailed infill section (see figures below) have since been completed. Results from the latest drilling support the folded geometry model at Succoth. This geometry, if extrapolated across the currently defined strike extent of the deposit, has implications for the scale of the resource, resource extensions, potential mining strip ratio and further economic considerations. Mineralisation remains open laterally, as well as at depth, and between broad-spaced drill holes outside of the three main drill sections.

 Succoth Drill hole location plan showing

Figure 2: Succoth drill hole location plan showing relationship between recent drilling, mineralisation and structure 


An aeromagnetic survey was also flown over a relatively small block covering Succoth Deposit to assist with geological interpretation and targeting. The new magnetic data has helped to delineate existing mineralisation within a fault-bounded package of relatively magnetic lithologies. The east-west trending fault at the southern extent of Succoth has been intersected in sections XS-04 and XS-12. Although, mineralisation on those sections is truncated by the fault, it is not necessarily closed-off as some drill holes have intersected mineralisation across the fault to the south. Mineralisation at Succoth remains open along a broad northeast-southwest trending corridor and potentially laterally. Broad drill hole spacing, in particular to the north-east, means that further infill and extensional drilling could delineate zones of disseminated mineralisation.

SucDrilSec XS04 16 12 19

Figure 3: Succoth cross section (XS-04)


SuccDrilSec XS12 17 12 19

Figure 4: Succoth cross section (XS-12)


Succoth cross section (XS-20)

Figure 5: Succoth cross section (XS-20)

The Joint Venture partners are continuing to evaluate the resource potential of Succoth and the impact it may have on Nebo-Babel development options. 

The Succoth Deposit presents future optionality on copper with likely low capital intensity development costs that may support a multi-decade project in the region.

For further information on this project, please refer to the ASX Announcements section of the website.


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