Other Exploration

In addition to Nebo-Babel and Succoth, the West Musgrave Project offers a number of other early-stage but highly prospective exploration targets with known mineralisation. These include the Yappsu, One Tree Hill and Esagila nickel-copper targets.


Regional map of West Musgrave Project
Regional map of West Musgrave Project 2018 exploration work program



The Yappsu prospect is located 6km north-east of Nebo, within an identified corridor of nickel and copper sulphide mineralisation. The mineralisation is hosted in a gabbronorite “chonolithic” intrusion which appears similar to the Babel Deposit, albeit with a significant massive sulphide component and an overall higher metal tenor. The upper disseminated zone has metal signatures similar to the Startmeup Shoot at the Babel Deposit.

The prospect has been targeted by the JV partners as part of a regional exploration program designed to identify high-grade nickel mineralisation to complement the development of the Nebo-Babel Deposits. The JV Partners have made significant progress in understanding the geology of the prospect, including re-modelling the historical surface and Downhole Electromagnetics (DHEM). A new surface Moving Loop Electromagnetic (MLEM) survey utilising the latest “SQUID” technology supported the targeting of the prospect for massive sulphides (ASX release 5 June 2018)

In July 2018, diamond drill hole CZD0076B returned a broad zone of nickel and copper mineralisation with significant levels of cobalt, PGE and gold.  Assay results for the drill hole have confirmed nickel and copper sulphide mineralisation in three distinct units: 

    -  A massive sulphide zone returning 6.45m @ 1.67% Ni, 1.07% Cu, 0.14% Co and 0.49g/t PGE. The high levels of cobalt and platinum group elements (PGE) are some of the highest recorded at the WMP.
    -  An upper heavily disseminated zone of 15.25m @ 0.60% Ni, 0.77% Cu, 0.02% Co, 0.31g/t PGE and 0.18g/t Au. Significant gold mineralisation potential has not been previously recognised.
    -  A lower broad disseminated zone of 55.6m @ 0.32% Ni, 0.34% Cu, 0.01% Co, 0.23g/t PGE and 0.06g/t Au.

The combined weighted average of all intercepts is 77.8m @ 0.49% Ni, 0.49% Cu, 0.2% Co, 0.29g/t PGE which is the most significant intercept at the prospect to date on a contained metal basis. This result marks a turning point in the exploration of the prospect within the context of the broader West Musgrave Project. Whilst at an early stage of exploration, Yappsu is currently being pursued as an opportunity that could support the development of the Nebo-Babel deposits.

Yappsu Prospect Long Section, July 2018
Yappsu Prospect Long Section, July 2018



The One Tree Hill prospect is located at the south western end of the West Musgrave project, about 13km SW of Babel, and is associated with a major regional structural intersection. Historically, only two holes had tested a surface EM anomaly identified by previous explorers with encouraging results of 0.4m @ 2.62% Cu from 152.6m, with significant Platinum Group Element (PGE) anomalism of 35m @ 0.11g/t Pt+Pd intersected. 

Cassini completed its first drill hole CZD0008 at the One Tree Hill Prospect in 2015 and intersected significant copper mineralisation over short intervals within a broad alteration zone. Significantly, down-hole electromagnetic (DHEM) survey identified an off-hole conductor, approximately 30m by 30m at 350m with an extremely high modelled conductance of >100,000S suggesting massive sulphides. 

In November 2016, Cassini drilled hole CZD0017 targeting this prospective conductor and intersected a massive sulphide zone returning 3.2m @ 2.16% Cu, 0.58% Ni, 0.1% Co and 1.0g/t PGE within a broader disseminated zone of 34m @ 1.05% Cu + 0.5 g/t PGE. An upper or hangingwall zone returned an intercept of 13.4m @ 0.85% Cu from 129.6m, including 1.6m @ 2.76% Cu from 134.9m.

Based on existing data, the mineralisation appears to be associated with Giles-age gabbroic rocks, which are interpreted to host Succoth-style, most likely Cu-rich magmatic sulphides that may form part of a larger mineralised system at One Tree Hill. Both new holes demonstrate the possibility for the prospect to become a significant deposit in its own right.

A work plan following interpretation of existing and new data including a DHEM survey, geological interpretation and follow-up drilling of two further holes is scheduled Q3 2018.  



Esagila is an advanced nickel prospect within the Succoth-Esagila. Located only 4km from Succoth, both prospects have been interpreted as part of the same mineralised intrusive complex that covers approximately 65km2.

Mineralisation at Esagila has so far been defined over a strike length of 1,300m. Drilling conducted mid-2015 of CZD0010 returned 1.1m @ 0.70% Ni and 0.95% Cu from 360.3m within the massive sulphide zone. The prospect remains relatively under-explored, with the intrusion only effectively tested by 6 diamond drill holes, leaving enormous scope to discover high-grade copper and nickel-rich mineralisation between the existing drill holes and/or at the down-dip and down-plunge extensions.


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