Scheme Booklets

Cassini Resources Limited (ASX:CZI) (Cassini or Company) refers to the proposed acquisition of Cassini by OZ Minerals Limited (OZ Minerals) by way of scheme of arrangement (Acquisition Scheme) and the inter-conditional scheme of arrangement and connected capital reduction (Demerger Scheme) announced previously to ASX on 22 June 2020 and the announcement to ASX on 12 August 2020 announcing the orders made by the Court approving the despatch of the Acquisition Scheme Booklet and the Demerger Scheme Booklet (together the Scheme Booklets) and the convening of meetings of Cassini shareholders to consider the Acquisition Scheme and Demerger Scheme.

The Scheme Booklets registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission are available for viewing and downloading below:

Acquisition Scheme Booklet (125MB download)

Demerger Scheme Booklet (44MB download)

Further information

Cassini encourages Cassini shareholders to read the Scheme Booklets in their entirety before deciding whether or not to vote in favour of the Acquisition Scheme, Demerger Scheme and Capital Reduction at the relevant Meetings.

If you require further information or have questions, please contact the Company Secretary on +61 8 9322 7600 Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm (AWST).